Private Labeling

Distributors that have private labeled our fine products under their company or brand name have experienced significant improvements in net profit margins and increased customer loyalty.

Here are more reasons why private labeling now is better than ever,

Growth - The private label business has nearly doubled in the last 10 years compared to national brands.  This is not just a fad, but a lasting trend.  Priced around 15-20% cheaper than national brands, private labeled brands were once considered a cheap alternative but now many customers prefer private label brands in established industries where products are viewed as commodity.  This trend along with the slow growth economy is forcing many businesses to re-evaluate their operational expenses when it comes to building maintenance and upkeep.  Simply put, distributors who have private label options for such customers are thriving while others are forced to spend more marketing products that are not seen as anything unique anymore.

Control - Distributors and large national account buyers have full control over their private labeled brands.  We know our customers are out there in the field talking to customers everyday, hearing their problems and working hard to come up with solutions.  Most relay these problems and ask big brands to come up with solutions, waiting months if not years before a new product trickles down the pipeline.  By that time, the customer has moved onto a distributor who already supplies that product.  Why lose customers, when you can simply call us and ask us to produce a product that meets your customers needs.  Our operations have such low minimum production requirements, that we can facilitate small orders that not only help you deliver on your promise to customers but also re-enforce that long lasting relationship between you and you end user.

Branding - If anyone knows the value of branding, it's retailers but distributors and national accounts can also learn from this valuable lesson.  When a large national brand pain relief manufacturer had an FDA recall a year or so back, nearly all of it's products were pulled from the shelf and 80-90% of their sales went right into the hands of private label brands that retailers offered.  These private label pharmacy brands were so successful, that they no longer even carry the national brand because customers have moved on and now prefer the quality and reputation of the private labeled pharmacy brand.  This is a valuable lesson to suppliers that want to build their own brand name or simply strengthen their company name within their industry.

Value - Perhaps the strongest reason to have your private labeled brands through National Interchem is because we understand your business and we make products that are the same or better than the national brands.  Our team at National Interchem understands the need to constantly bring value to your customers and there is no better way to bring value than by offering a great performing product at a price that will make any buyer happy.  Private labeling allows both of these goals to be met and the real winner is the customer and the supplier.


Call our experienced sales team today to discuss how you can start private labeling with National Interchem, a process that we guarantee will be effortless, eye opening and quick from idea inception to the finished product at your doorstep.  Give us a call at 708-597-7777, or email

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