Healthclubs & Gyms

National Interchem delivers the right set of products for Healthclubs and Gymnasiums, from floor cleaners that will clean, seal and last to laundry detergents that give your linens extra life to the personal care products that are needed in the locker rooms. Our unique formulations are tailored specifically to different industries for focused results that solve the unique problems within that industry. Our company understands that health club owners have the difficult task of balancing their budgets while providing the best products to their clientele at the same time maintaining optimal cleanliness within their facility.  

National Interchem helps facility management purchase the right products, train its staff the right way, and manage its chemical inventories in order to lower overall costs while exceeding the expectations of their clients.

Here's how we do it:


1. Chemical Management - by buying concentrated products, you not only save inventory space, you also save in shipping costs.

2. Better Training - our training team can help your organization in following the best processes for efficient facility maintenance.

3. Software that helps - our custom developed facility management software helps management control their cleaning force.

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Solving the Puzzle

We provide end-to-end formulating, blending and filling capabilities for all your needs. Learn how National Interchem is the right partner for your business.


Service That Counts

We work closely with our clients to ensure all their needs are met. We succeed when our clients do, that is why they are our #1 priority!


Killer Lead Times

By having chemicals and packaging on hand, we provide the fastest lead times in the industry for private label solutions. What others do in months, we can do in a week.


Your Brand Delivered

With a multitude of private label options available with proven in-house formulations, National Interchem not only makes your products shine but perform in demanding environments.

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