Food Plant Maintanance

National Interchem offers food plant maintenance products to keep your manufacturing plant clean and up to code. We make products to clean your building and your machines, tools and people.

Plant Maintenance

Our products are available from 32oz size bottles to 250 gallon totes meant for large facilities maintenance, which means better use of chemicals and few purchase orders.

Products for Machines, Tools, People

We make products not only for the building, but also for cleaning machines, tools and people.  Our training and usage programs help employees from transferring bacteria and foreign germs to their food workstations.

Special Applications Products

If there is a special application product that needs to be made, our R&D lab will formulate the appropriate solution so you keep producing your products.


Contact us today to see how you can get started in bringing your facility up to regulations.

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Solving the Puzzle

We provide end-to-end formulating, blending and filling capabilities for all your needs. Learn how National Interchem is the right partner for your business.


Service That Counts

We work closely with our clients to ensure all their needs are met. We succeed when our clients do, that is why they are our #1 priority!


Killer Lead Times

By having chemicals and packaging on hand, we provide the fastest lead times in the industry for private label solutions. What others do in months, we can do in a week.


Your Brand Delivered

With a multitude of private label options available with proven in-house formulations, National Interchem not only makes your products shine but perform in demanding environments.

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