Car and Truck Wash

National Interchem offers end to end solutions for the automotive industry.  With a long history of providing products at the commercial and retail level, National Interchem has the proven track record to exceed your expectations.   Our unique car and truck wash solutions quickly clean the outside of the car as well as the inside, with detailing products for leather, upholstery and plastic interiors.  Our most power product is the ability to formulate products to solve unique problems that any of our customers may have.  With low minimums and a fast turn around time, we can ensure full satisfaction to our customer's demands.

Here are some of the products we make for the automotive industry:
  1. General Cleaners
  2. Waxing and Drying Agents
  3. Tire and Wheel Cleaner
  4. Detailing Products
  5. Odor Counteractants
  6. Truck Wash Liquid Cleaner
  7. Truck Wash Powder Cleaner - to get rid of the specially harsh road oils
  8. Truck Wash Two Step Cleaning
  9. Engine Degreaser
  10. Aluminum Brighteners - perfect for keeping your fleet looking like new
  11. Shop Maintenance
  12. Hand Cleaners - gets oil and dirt off quickly and easily

Contact us today to see how we can help you save money in your car and truck wash facilities while keeping vehicles clean.

Get a quote fast, no matter the size required.  Just give us your requirements here, Request a Proposal


Solving the Puzzle

We provide end-to-end formulating, blending and filling capabilities for all your needs. Learn how National Interchem is the right partner for your business.


Service That Counts

We work closely with our clients to ensure all their needs are met. We succeed when our clients do, that is why they are our #1 priority!


Killer Lead Times

By having chemicals and packaging on hand, we provide the fastest lead times in the industry for private label solutions. What others do in months, we can do in a week.


Your Brand Delivered

With a multitude of private label options available with proven in-house formulations, National Interchem not only makes your products shine but perform in demanding environments.

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